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Lots of people visit casinos and play casino games. Some of the best casino games are poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, bingo and slots. Other good games are craps, scratch cards and keno. Read more on zzzslots!

Casino Games

Many people today have a passion for visiting both online and brick-and-mortar casinos and play the best casino games they can find. In some of the best casino games, you will notice some being gambling games with cards and others games of chance with another format. Here you can try your luck with poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, bingo and slots.

This list doesn’t contain all great games a casino can offer you. Other attractive games, but with a smaller degree of popularity than the ones mentioned before are craps, scratch cards, and keno. It is only up to you to choose the one that suits your preferences the best. There are also strong reasons why some people are playing the best casino games for free, while others for real money.

Read this material and find out some very important information about casino games.

Playing casino games online: having fun and winning money

There are lots of people that enjoy playing casino games. Those that are more traditionalist or old-school will always take their time and visit a land-based casino. This is how the gambling industry has worked from the beginning, since the time of those one-armed bandits. These machines were the first types of slots, used in brick-and-mortar casinos in the beginning, and then in arcades and pubs.

Modern players have kept the pace with the technological progress and their option lies on the Internet nowadays. The majority of them have started to have fun seeking out and playing the best casino games from the comfort of their own home. A great option they are now using is playing free casino games online.

There are four important reasons for choosing to play online:

  1. they are keeping their bankroll intact;
  2. they are having fun and keep themselves entertained;
  3. this is a great way to learn how to play various types of casino games;
  4. it is a smart step and a precondition before anyone starts to play casino games for real money.

Some of the best casino games

For those visitors of our site that want to have a great time while playing some of the best casino games, we recommend checking out this small section. They will learn that there are two main categories:gambling games with cards:

1.gambling games with cards:

  • poker;
  • blackjack;
  • baccarat;

2.other games of chance:




A short description of those online casino games


The type of poker that can be played in an online casino is actually video poker. In order for a player to obtain the best odds possible, he must possess a deep knowledge. This is the only way he can increase his chances of winning on a consistent basis. A simple and yet effective strategy of learning this game by anyone is to play free poker games.

Strategy is the most important factor which can help a person win in an online video poker game. There is a good variety of poker available, and every type requires a different strategy to play. The most popular types of such casino games are the following:

Jacks or Better;

Deuces Wild;

Bonus Poker;

Double Bonus;

Joker Poker.

The Internet has a great variety of free casino games online and many poker games can be found among them. When a game starts, the player must choose the number of credits he will use, usually from one to five. The prizes vary in regard to the amount of money used and can be seen in the paytable.

The player is dealt five cards from a standard deck of 52 cards that may have sometimes one or more jokers added. His ultimate purpose is gaining the best five-card hand possible. The better his hand is what determines the amount of money he can win.


The Blackjack is also known as twenty-one and has a great reputation as being one of the most popular casino games, and also very simple to learn. Lots of people are searching for blackjack games free just because they want a fun and simple activity for their free time. This card game takes place between a player and a dealer and is played with a single or more decks of cards.

In this type of gambling games with cards are some very popular card games such as:


Spider Solitaire;


Such a game is won when the dealer is beaten by getting the right combination which is Blackjack, obtained when the first two cards equal 21. Other ways to win are by the player’s final card count higher than the dealer’s but not exceeding 21. The last winning method is when the player has most 21 and the dealer exceeds this number with his card count.

All cards are counted as their numbers, the face cards are ten, and the aces may be either eleven or one. This casino game requires the player to choose how much he wants to bet before the hand. Three situations can happen: winning, losing or pushing. What can be done to ensure you will emerge a winner in the majority of cases is simple: try blackjack games free first and learn how to play.


This card game is played in both traditional land-based but also in online casinos. This is played by comparing the player and the banker’s hands. There are three possible outcomes that can occur: player (when he has the higher score), banker, and tie.

The baccarat casino game has three popular variants:

punto banco (North American);

chemin de fer (chemmy);

banque (a deux tableaux).

Punto banco involves one hundred percent chance, leaving aside strategy and skill. What cards are dealt to a player are forcing his moves. Chemin de fer and banque are the baccarat casino games strictly opposite to punto banco.

In these variants, skill plays a part in winning which means that both players can make choices. Even if there is more freedom in these two other types of baccarat casino game, the winning odds are in favor of the bank. This is demonstrated by the house edge that is minimum 1 percent.

How to play baccarat: every card has a point value, with cards two through nine being worth their face value in points. The tens, jacks, queens and kings are worth zero, aces are 1 point, and the jokers aren’t used. Every hand is valued starting with the rightmost digit of the sum of its constituent cards. The biggest possible hand value that can be obtained is nine.


Those that wish to play online roulette should know that this is one of the best casino games, with a history dating back to the 18th century. This casino game has known variations that are linked to the location in which is being played.

In this regard, in the United States of America, there is an extra space available on the standard wheel, which is referred to as the double zero wheel. This name was gained by the numbers 00 in the extra space. This wheel has 38 pockets and is the American version of roulette. There is also a European version with 37 pockets that is played only with the single zero pocket.

The biggest difference between American and European versions is the house edge percentage of each one. For the American variation of this casino game, the house edge is 5.26%, while the European version is easier to win, with a house edge of 2.7%.

There are many types of roulette, but the most popular ones are:







Playing free bingo games for fun is a very popular activity among Internet users. This is the optimal way to learn to play the ropes before using real money with this game of chance. Lots of casinos are using this casino game and other great buy-ins and serious prize funds. The Internet is now the place where all bingo lovers gather to play their favorite game.

These types of casino games are available in many variants online and those that play them are various kinds of users, from low to high-rollers. The social aspect of one of the best casino games has not been forgotten. This is why the sites containing this game also include modern features such as live chat.

This game is very simple to learn, as it was thought to be a simple game where people can play, having a chance to win one or a few prizes in every round. In the 75-Ball Bingo, players buy cards that contain a five-by-five grid. Fifteen numbers are associated with each one of five columns, every column being associated with a letter that ultimately spells out the word B-I-N-G-O. All cards have numbers that are randomly assigned in every column from the appropriate range.

The caller draws numbers one at a time and players can mark the matching spot if that number is also present on their cards. The winner is the first person that marks the required pattern for a certain game. In the most common form of bingo, the players are seeking to make any type of row (be it vertical, horizontal or diagonal) composed of five spots in a row.

There are possible various pattern combinations in this casino game: diamonds, the four corners, frames, letters, and blackout (cover all). As long as players understand what they need in order to win, any pattern can be used. The tradition of this game requires that players will call BINGO after they have completed their pattern. An official will verify their ticket after their call and they will win the specific prize for that pattern or game.

This casino game has variations that are also related to a certain geographic space. However, the last two types are not as popular as the former. They are the following:

75-Ball (United States of America);

90-Ball (Europe, South America, and Australia);




Many people have been slot fans for a very long time and some of them have adapted to their online counterparts. Some of them like to play casino games for real money, while others will only stick to play free slot games. The online slot machines work in the same way as those from traditional casinos or pubs.

The user must take the following steps:

insert his money;

choose the desired number of paylines to play;

hit the spin button.

He can also play them from the comfort of his own home, using an online casino for playing these slot games. These casinos are also cheaper for making a deposit and give everyone two choices: play casino games for real money or for free.

These casino games are also split into three categories:





Considered as some of the best casino games, the online slot machines will often have a higher paying percentage compared to those from brick-and-mortar casinos. This is due to the fact that an online casino has lower costs than the physical ones. Consequentially, they afford to offer a higher payout percentage than their land-based brethren.

A disadvantage of playing online is that the player will not receive immediately his winnings, which will be transferred into his casino account. He will have to go through a processing time that involves the casino’s cashier department and the withdrawal method that is used.

Other great choices of attractive casino games

The diversity of online games that can be found in a casino also contains other games of chance and luck. Among the most attractive and also popular, any player can try the following:


Scratch Cards;


A few details about these casino games


A popular dice game usually played both in brick-and-mortar and online casinos, craps can also be played in informal settings. It requires a pair of dice and players are betting on dice rolls. Those that want to try out this game will be wagering their money against other players or against the casino. This is the standard type of craps.

When played in a format different than the casino, such as street or sidewalk, this is called street craps. The beauty of this form is its ultra-simplicity. More exactly, there are only two things needed: dice and money.

There is also online craps, the form of craps that is found in an online casino. This game is simple and there are only a few bets that one should really know very well in order to get started. They are the passline and don’t passline bets. The total of them is actually over 40, and some of them are more complicated than others.

These must be learned and mastered over time, so any beginner should avoid the more complex betting options. Those additional bets require practice, that will help players to better understand this game.

Scratch Cards

These gambling games with cards are definitely the simplest form of a lottery game. They are simply lottery tickets that anyone can purchase from a retail outlet, scratch them and maybe win a prize. Excepting the big wins such as major jackpots, all payouts are made at the store from where that ticket was bought.

Online casinos have noticed that many people still want to have instant results when playing, so they adapted these games. This is how online scratch cards was born, and it really imitates the look and feel of the normal scratch tickets that were enjoyed for decades by many.

Their gameplay is very simple: the one playing online scratch cards must use the mouse and imitating a scratching action. This reveals sections one by one and the player finds out if he has won a prize or not.

Resembling the autoplay function of slots, these casino games have a reveal button that scratches off the entire ticket. This ends the game right away and rewards any prize contained on that ticket.


The keno online is the modern form of a game that has odds which sometimes are even better than those of government lotteries. A second advantage this casino game offers are the drawings that are happening much more often. In the domain of online gambling, these drawings can take place whenever the one playing this game wants them to.

Every online keno game requires players to select spots ( numbers) that they think will be chosen in the next drawing. They can select between one and 15 spots, while the prizes available differ. Their variation depends on how many spots have been chosen for playing.

After the drawing has taken place, a selection of 20 numbers is made in a range between 1 and 80. The end of that selection is the moment when the results are made by comparison. This comparison is made from how many spots are matching those that are on the player’s ticket. He may win a prize if enough numbers have been correctly matched.

Three strong reasons to play free casino games online

All casino players are coming from different social and professional backgrounds. Some of them like free poker games, others are always eager to play online roulette. There are people among them seeking blackjack games free. Others just want to enjoy a good baccarat casino game.

A category of players is absolutely mad about gambling games with cards. Also, some people wish only to play free bingo games for fun. All of those people have one thing in common: a desire and also a need to find and play some of the best casino games. The only thing that puts them in distinctive groups is the preference for a certain online casino game.

What are the strongest reasons for their desire and need?

They are means of a person to detach from their daily problems.

All people share a stress level that is caused by bills to pay, ensuring they have food on their tables, the uncertainties of tomorrow. A simple way of keeping these fears and problem is check is by disconnecting from reality. And what better way to do this other than focusing on a great casino game?

Playing the best casino game is a great way for anyone to spend an evening.

The idea of relaxing by having a night out is something that implies spending money on dinner, drinks, a movie, and maybe even dessert. These things aren’t free, they cost money. This money can be used in an online casino in order to produce more money.

Even if the financial aspect is taken out of the question, there is still a strong reason for many people to search for the best casino games. On many occasions, even playing for free may transform a boring night into an entertaining one.

There can be found a social component of playing some of the best casino games online.

Humans are social beings that have the need to interact and communicate with others. This need is also felt by shy people. Even they are opening up to a dealer and to other players that are at a table or in a row composed of slot machines.

Talking to people that share the same passions as you makes socializing easier. This is also one of the strongest reasons why people visit traditional land-based casinos, searching the best casino games. The person next to a player most definitely enjoys that specific game as much as he does.

When it comes to online casinos, the things change, but only in a small degree. There are many cases where the players can use the chat function available to communicate with them. This can be seen in games such as Multiplayer Roulette. This shows the presence of a social component even in the online space.

Why people play casino games for real money?

Many people wager money on the outcome of a casino game, hoping they are predicting the correct outcome and win that bet. Putting it in simple terms, this is what is called gambling. An important question still remains: why do they gamble? Below is a series of potential aspects that make them gamble.

Having a lucky feeling.

Even if a person is playing keno online, online bingo or online roulette, or any other game of chance, he gambles because feels at that moment that he will emerge a winner. Many decisions have been taken on a good feeling of luck basis.

Having lots of fun.

Even if visiting an instant play casino means that one wishes to win a lot of money, sometimes the reasons of that visit may be multiple. Adding to that of getting rich are the need for a rush of adrenaline and the excitement and thrill a game can provide.

When best casino games are what a man searches for, those emotional highs and lows they can provide are the ideal thing to keep him addicted to the game.

A delicate financial situation.

Some people resort to gambling in order to satisfy their financial need, and a mobile friendly casino is a perfect place for them. Undoubtedly, this is a very unhealthy and dangerous practice. Instead of the inappropriate means of making money, gambling should have the role of a recreational activity. It should be considered that any player cannot afford to lose the money he is using to gamble.

As a cure for boredom and a break for reality.

Whenever a person feels her life has become very dull and boring, she will most definitely search for ways to take a break from it. This is when a big bonus casino, for example, becomes useful. People will access it to take a short break from the reality of their lives.

As a means of detachment and relaxation.

Sometimes detaching and relaxing are states of mind which can easily be felt whenever a player finds a free spins casino and starts to gamble there. When he finds himself in a pleasant, relaxing and elegant atmosphere, his mind will start to generally associate the gambling practice with online casinos.

One of the many ways to win money.

Easy money can be won through gambling. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Those optimistic gamblers will ignore the second possibility. In their search for the best casino games, they can win big amounts of money.

The player is fighting for a just cause.

Even if it may sound odd, there are actually people that are motivated by their implication in charity to start gambling. If he wins the bet in a casino game, that will be a bonus for them. In the unpleasant case of losing, that money may be considered as being lost for a worthy cause.

The human need to socialize.

This need can actually be fulfilled by using a land-based casino as that place where family and friends get together. The casino restaurant and the bar are places where some of the visitors can socialize, meet new people and also sit and chat with their friends.

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