Online Gambling in France

France is one of the best places to gamble in land-based casinos, but the liberty you have in the brick and mortar casinos doesn't apply to the online casinos!

If there’s an European country that everyone in the entire world has heard about then that one is France. They have an amazing culture and an impressive history in general, but this also applies to gambling.

You’ve certainly heard of French roulette or the way they play poker in Paris, France. Then it’s time to find out what is the best casino in Paris and whether gambling in land-based and online casinos in legal or not.

The legal status of gambling in France is quite an interesting and complicated manner. While some parts of it are completely legal as they have been for a very long time, some are still barely regulated and considered to be illegal.

Continue reading to find out what is legal and what is not in France and whether or not a mobile casino France is a real possibility.

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  4. France Roulette
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 Land-Based Gambling and Online Gambling France

The history of betting and casino games in France goes all the way back to the 16th century when the French decided to add the Queen to the deck of cards.

This incredible nation is also the one that invented the France roulette in the 17th century, a casino game that people still enjoy to this day.

Gambling History

Gambling has been legal in France for a long time and it still is to this day, but not all types, unfortunately.

Everything is regulated, though, and everything it supervised by competent authorities that are under the Ministry of Justice.

In 1987, France lowered the legal age for betting from 21 to 18 and just a year later slot machines became legal thus making this country one of the most liberal in Europe.

While in brick and mortar casinos everything is perfectly legal from slot machines to table games and card games and racing bets, when it comes to betting websites things drastically change.

The legislation is so harsh that more than half of the gambling operators that had gotten a license ten years ago have left the French market.

Not only operators are affected, but also those that want to play online poker in Paris, France because they are affected by the high poker pots and so are those that place sports bets because of the taxes.

For this reason a lot of gamblers turn to foreign operators that are not licensed in France. At least this option is still available because the government hasn’t proclaimed any laws that say that playing at unlicensed foreign websites constitutes a crime.

So this means that depending on what type of online casino game you wish to play at you have a lot of both licensed and unlicensed websites to choose from and there are no consequences to your choice.

You should know that in France there are three main bodies that regulate gambling, each one of them responsible for a certain part: Francaise des Jeux, ARJEL and Pari Mutuel Urbain.

Francaise des Jeux in in charge of regulating the lottery and betting games, ARJEL is in charge of the online gambling regulation, while Pari Mutuel Urbain mostly focuses on horse race betting.

 Online Gambling

An important law that was introduced in 2009 legalized, officially, a couple of types of gambling, namely:

  • poker
  • sports betting
  • fixed odds betting
  • pool betting
  • live betting
  • horse race betting

While at some point this country had some of the most liberal laws on gambling in the entire European Union, things quickly changed because their legislation wasn’t compliant to the regulations of the EU and that is why the Commission made the country change the laws/

In 2010, the largest legislation of this country came to be because of the pressure from the EU. The Gambling Act No 2010-476 was passed and this is how the French Regulatory Authority for Online Games was born. This authority is commonly known as ARJEL.

ARJEL only gives out licenses to those online operators that offer online casino and gambling services to local citizens. They do not give licenses for casino games of luck, for exchange betting or spread betting.

stake-logic slots:

It’s not easy as a foreign operator to acquire a license from France. Those that apply have to offer sports betting or horse racing betting and they also have to abide to the current legislature and also provide information about the company, including shareholding details and experience.

The license that are given are good for five years and you can renew and extend them for the same period after they expire.

While this act ends government monopoly in gambling and it opens the market for foreign countries from the European Union, it still is quite complicated to meet the requirements.

The weirdest thing about the current legislation is that classic casino games are left out, games that have been around for a very long time and most of them were actually created in France. The only traditional casino game that is allowed at the moment is poker in Paris, France and not only France roulette, slot machines or even wanting to play free online blackjack France isn’t allowed.

 Real Money Online Games France

As we were saying some casino games are legal and some are not. At some point in time, the decision makers of France decided that a bunch of online casino games are no longer legal, but luckily at least you can still play poker in Paris, France.

The reason behind the fact that some casino games can be played while others cannot is that those that only involve luck, like online slot machines for example, are a lot more addictive than those that require some form of strategy or skill like poker.

 Online Poker France

Poker in Paris, France is an extremely popular casino game and also a sport. French people take this casino game very seriously and this is why in 2009 Ligue Francaise de Poker was founded which has more than 250 clubs as members.

Ligue Francaise de Poker organizes three annual tournaments and the winners of these tournaments will then be able to participate in international poker events.

Playing poker in Paris, France in casinos both in land-based and online casinos is very respected and tournaments from this region have a very high reputation all over the world.

Poker in Paris, France in the online world includes their top poker room which is called the Aviation Club and it conducts the World Poker Tour every year.

The French Open is another great and famous tournament that takes place in this great country. To qualify for this one you can play on PokerStars and you can win a package that’s worth 9000 dollars which will take care of the buy-in, the accommodation and expenses for participating in the French Open.

 France Roulette

France Roulette also known as French Roulette is a variation on the classic casino game which has become wildly popular in recent years.

There are three versions of roulette available in the entire world. The European Roulette, the American Roulette and the France Roulette. While the European and the France Roulette are pretty similar, the American one is a lot more complicated and harder to beat since it has a second 0 pocket.

Out of all three, the France Roulette has the best odds because the house edge is reduced to 1.35% because of an extra rule.

You can play France Roulette at any land-based casino, but unfortunately you cannot legally play it online on foreign websites that have been accredited.

 Biggest Casino in France

In Europe, this country is at the top with Germany and the UK, when it comes to the huge number of land-based casinos they have that still work.

At the beginning of 2017, it had 160 casinos. There are two giant and extraordinary casinos in this outstanding country. The most luxurious one of them is Palais de la Mediterranee Casino that’s in Nice and the most popular one is placed in Paris and it’s called Barriered Enghien Les Bains.

  Online Gambling No Deposit Bonus

In France, just like in all the other countries of the world no matter if you’re playing in your own country or on foreign websites the best thing you could stumble upon is an online gambling no deposit bonus.

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An online gambling no deposit bonus is the type of bonus that isn’t that easy to find because it’s the best one and any gambler would just love to get their hands on it.

An online gambling no deposit bonus means that you do not need to bet any of your hard earned money to win real money. While other bonuses require that you make even the tiniest deposit to be able to eventually cash out, the online gambling no deposit bonus means that you play for free and win real money.

An online gambling no deposit bonus is every gambler’s dream and there are a few casinos in the world that offer French players this option!

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