Online Gambling in Korea

With a somewhat primitive law and acceptance to gambling and betting, in South Korea there are still legal affairs but with somewhat contradicting prohibitions and special regulations for each category of people.

With some regulations in place, even though considered to be kind of limited or primitive, the South Korean gambling authority permits the wagering on different sports like horse racing, bicycle racing or boat racing directly and tracks and other stadiums. The sports betting companies also started to endorse the wagering on different other sports like football, soccer, basketball, golf and even volleyball. With the national lottery in place with the system of six out of forty five and the 520 Pension, known also as Bok Kwon, the government started the opening of boundaries to such activities.


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Casinos in Korea


casinos in koreaThere is a limited number of places where people may enter and gamble or play casino games. There are a total 17 casinos in South Korea with almost all but one act under the Tourism Promotion Act.

In these casinos, the access is permitted only with an active passport, while Koreans, Vietnamese and Nepalese are denied the access. The one casino in South Korea where locals may enter acts under a special act emitted by the Assistance to the Development of Abandoned Mine Areas. This casino is named Kangwon Land and it is located in a further northeast province of Gangwon in the county of Jeongseongun.


The Kangwon Casino is certainly a different thing that comes with even more specifics and attractions to it. The entire area is built around this amazing and unique casino in South Korea is actually built in a special resort, a major tourist attraction that was named High1. The interior of this one of a kind casino grants people access to a total number of 960 slots and over 132 table games. The table games include the following centers of attractions:


  • baccarat
  • roulette
  • big wheel
  • tai-sai
  • casino war
  • Caribbean stud poker


In the resort, there are also plenty of other attractions where tourists can ski, golf or enter luxurious restaurants and hotels. The daily average number of Koreans that enter the casino and the surroundings is as high as 10000. With that many people that want to enter the casino, there is no wonder that people will form hour long waiting queues until a table will become free again.


Online Korean Gambling Market

The online Korean gambling market is filled with options. Here the Koreans have access and the available options are this way filled with popular games and other specific games. In Eastern Asia, the majority of Filipino gambling websites offer support in Korean, and the KRW, the Korean Won, the national currency used is accepted to be used for deposits and payouts of winnings. The online casinos in Korea that enjoy a heavy traffic that comes from the Korean people are only two.

betsoft slots:


These are Dafa888 and Bet365. The first one offers support and customer care in both English and Korean, whilst the second one is only for English speaking gamblers. Each of them grants a very easy access, in Bet365 one can register for free while visiting, afterward, the cashier and accessing the credit card deposit option before starting to play and try to win real money. From the virtual cashier, players can find what are the details for payments and deposits, as well as for withdrawals and even specific bonuses.


The difference that is encountered with Dafa888 is that the process of registration takes a player through a live chat where an operator will ask for specific details for verification if the Korean bank will accept the money transfer for buying credits and playing with them.


These two websites are regulated and own by major companies with ties all over the world. Dafa888, for example, has sister brand company, Dafabet, is a special partner with two big teams in one of Europe’s top flight soccer championship, West Bromwich and Everton of England. Both of them were founded in 2000 and Bet365 comes also with ties to the English Premier League with the logo branded as a sponsor on the shirts of teams like Stoke City and other ones.

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With constant regulations and auditors checking them up, both online casinos in Korea are considered to be very safe and trustworthy. Also, financial reports are released constantly for checking to audit companies, as well as the software is checked periodically for the best experience of playing. Also, here can be found various sports bets, but the ones that attract most interest are the best Korean online pokies that can be played to win real money or with free money due to demo versions and bonus offers.


But everything starts with the first deposit or money transfer via bank in the national currency, the Korean Won. The rest will depend on each players luck and fortune while the winnings can be withdrawn in a process that does not take longer than a couple of days.


What Korean online games are trending?

korea casino games


In south Korea, there is a website that sums up every trend and information, a centralized hub of Korea casino news that will help players find the latest add-ons or changes in regulations and not only that. But the Koreans do love to play certain games more than others with some amazing results also


Korean Poker


Even if South Korea is one of those advanced and economically vibrant countries in Asia, the embraced the idea of playing and gambling in casinos pretty hard. As far as gambling goes, there are still limitations to many real life casinos, but the highly regulated online casino game rooms come with some amazing and easy to access games.


One of the most favored games that are played online are the table games and poker especially. Almost all Korean poker is played online. The live poker played via internet is actually a new trend that caught up with the traditional one also because the real life casinos forbid locals to enter and play games.


 Baccarat Korea


A particular thing encountered in South Korea is the presence of the most tables where players can play baccarat. Every online or land based casino shows up an outstanding number of baccarat tables and fans of this game will have a wonderful time spent rolling the dice. There are still some specific Baccarat Korea comes with to please players like Tai Sai or Sic Bo


Korean Roulette


Even if the term of Korean Roulette makes people think of the northern dictator, the table game encountered in various casinos in Korea is one of the most beloved in the world. The next one in every Koreans favorite games list is the roulette. With plenty of variations that come from Europe and America, players will surely have more reasons to continue living and having fun in thie Korean gambling universe.

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