Online Gambling in Turkey

A casino in Turkey is hard to find and online gambling in this country and also normal betting are both controlled by the state. Thus, many fans of slot machines, poker, baccarat and other casino games must visit one of two casinos in Istanbul or visit foreign online casinos accepting Turkish players.

Islam, politics and betting: online gambling Turkey

Playing at a casino in Turkey: 1998 vs. 2006

The gambling activity in Turkey is highly regulated, their government banning casinos in 1998 and non-state online gambling in 2006. There is a state lottery available called Milli Piyango and betting services. However, the online and illegal gambling are two phenomena that continue to persist.

In the period of time between 1990 and the beginning of 2000’s, the Turkish authorities have given many laws regarding gambling. They have culminated with banning both physical and online gambling, an action taken by the government in 2007.

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The online part of the law has a single exception, the betting company IDDAA, which is a state-owned sports company. IDDAA has remained the only organization where any Turkish citizen can legally play any type of online gambling.

A controversial initiative was adopted by Turkish officials, targetted at any player that broke the law. This differed from the usual practice of sanctioning companies that run online casinos. Starting with 2013, the Turkish Banking and Supervision Agency had expanded their attributions.

Starting with that year, this agency had also monitored banks and credit card companies involved in processing payments for players and online casinos. This means that each individual caught playing on foreign online casinos will be fined with maximum 160,000 GBP.

They will not only affect only the player, but also the casino agent and banker that helped him. Their punishment will be prison sentences for facilitating this practice. The origin of this procedure is the 2008 arrest of two employees from Sportingbet.

They were on holiday in Turkey. Their detainment was a response from the authorities to the company’s evasion of state’s implemented anti-gambling measures. However, the gambling activity is not 100% illegal in this country.

Thus, the Turkish government has offered their citizens a chance to play in state lottery which makes a profit of 1.5 billion USD per year. Many critics of all Turkish policies towards betting have pointed out that there is a strong reason for the continued ban on gambling.

They have argued that the mobile behind this ban can reasonably be considered a government attempt to privatize the lottery. The logic of politicians is that by privatizing it, this will consequentially increase its price tag a lot.

The clash between religion, secularism and online gambling Turkey?

The betting activity in Turkey was allowed in 1990 when any casino in Turkey was licensed. The effect of this policy had led to creating 20,000 jobs in the country. Unfortunately, the money laundering and corruption where two phenomena that started to intensify.

In turn, the government had started to imposed restrictions to any casino in Turkey, with the purpose of controlling their practices. The event that caused them to take drastic measures against gambling is the assassination of a person known as the casino king, Omer Lutfu Topal, in July 2006.

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Until September 2016, the program of all venues had been reduced to being open only eight hours every day. Also, all winnings were paid out using checks, this being a measure for preventing money laundering.

Those policies were met with hostility by any owner of a casino in Turkey. Such a businessman perceived them as extreme measures that put his company in jeopardy. There were a few months when operators did their best to obtain from the government officials the best for the industry.

The following points on their agenda were the main topics:

  • the number of casinos in Turkey to be opened;
  • the location of those casinos;
  • the taxation which would be imposed on them.

The negotiation process seemed to be very intense and productive. Even so, the decision of Turkish national government was a surprise for many people. Thus, on December 17, 1996, they have made a public announcement about closing all casinos in Turkey.

Suspicions arose as a consequence and rumors appeared that tied the husband of Deputy Prime Minister Tansau Ciller with the death of Omer Lutfu Topal. These rumors were quickly dismissed by officials.

Also, they have argued that there was a bigger issue at stake: the biggest part of that revenue from the resorts was coming from local players. They had hoped to recruit many high rollers and foreign tourists in the betting activity.

Anyone owning a casino in Turkey opposed this measure, so Turkish casinos remained open for over a year. In this time, the legal battles continued in the nation’s court system. After the final verdict was given, it became a fact that courts and government shared a common thinking.

This ultimately led to the events of February 11, 1998, when all the final casinos were closed. In 2017, state-owned firms are the only entities controlling all authorized gambling in Turkey. The safest and fastest way to for anyone to place a bet is through the state-run lottery.

The second option any gambler has at his disposal is through IDDAA, a government-controlled sports betting firm. Any fan of parimutuel wagering can opt for horse races organized by the Jockey Club of Turkey. This club is running events at a total of nine racecourses in this country.

Even if Turkey is the country with a large Muslim population, they have a secular government. Their traditions, both ethnic and cultural, are in a great diversity. The situations of religion, secularism, and gambling are not something that implied an interaction between those three elements.

The almost near prohibition of online gambling in Turkey and normal betting is not entirely a result of Islamic dogma, nor of secularism. The entire situation regarding Turkish gambling is ultimately related to political decisions.

 Short considerations for anyone searching for free no deposit games Turkey

Even if Turkey has remained a secular state, the attitude of its government towards gambling is partially influenced by Islam. In the 90s, online gambling in Turkey was a widespread activity and it was very easy for anyone to find the best casino in Turkey.

microgaming slots:

The entire situation had changed dramatically and they have now banned both normal and online gambling in Turkey. The exception to their regulations lies in the existence of a few enterprises which are state-regulated.

Turkish citizens are great fans of online slot machines, so the online gambling Turkey is an activity that hasn’t perished. However, it is hard for them to find best online casino Turkey. This is the reason why they must visit foreign online casinos and register there.

Great online slot machines ideal for the best online casino in Turkey

The current legislation of this state has a strong grip on online gambling Turkey. Any player will learn that for something to be legally available means to be controlled by the state. Regarding foreign operators, the government wants them kept out of the market.

Their harsh policies have even reached the Turkish banking system. The current situation makes it illegal for any Turkish bank to authorize payments from and to online casinos. Even with all of those sanctions from the political body regarding the gambling sector, casino lovers can still play free no deposit games in Turkey. They can also opt to play for real money.

  1. Online slot machines and popular software providers

Because there isn’t any active regulatory framework, many foreign software providers market their online slot machines in this country. Any Turk can easily sign up for an account, a strategy which is used by numerous people.

Thus, the majority of casinos in Turkey have online slot machines from the following software providers:

  1. Net Entertainment (NetEnt);
  2. Betsoft;

III. SoftSwiss;

  1. Topgame;
  2. Microgaming.
  1. A great online slot machine from Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

One of the great online casino games that are very fun to play and provides a player with lots of hours of entertainment is the Wild Turkey slot. It has a great theme composed of a pack of native turkeys that are going on the mountain to find their object of devotion.

The bonuses and features of Wild Turkey slot will cause lots of spinners to take their chances with this game. With a structure of 5 reels and 20 paylines, this slot machine contains a Wild symbol that appears very often.

This symbol can also transform into Stacked Wilds that offer free spins, increasing a roller’s chances to win great payouts. Among the many companies that compete with NetEnt in creating high-quality slot machines, there is also IGT.

They have also created a title with a nice animal theme, The Great Turkey Shoot slot machine online. However, this has not gained the popularity of Wild Turkey slot. So, any Turkish player will definitely be delighted to bet on a fun and entertaining slot.

Slot machines are only an element from the gambling preferences of Turkish players. The gamblers from this Muslim country are also fans of other great online casino games, such as poker and baccarat.

How about a game of Turkish poker?

  • The situation of poker in Turkey

The beginning of the 1980s was a period when poker was legalized and available at any casino in Turkey. In the middle of 1990s, with the gambling activity becoming illegal, this game has also become illegal.

In 2017, there are many underground betting establishments where this casino game can be played. However, playing it would be against the law, so it is difficult to find where to play it. Even if it is banned, poker is very popular in Turkey.

  • The appearance of a Turkish poker variant

Many veteran casino fans have also tried out Turk pokeri, this being a 5 Card Draw variant. It is played with a short deck containing maximum 36 cards. During this game, every player will receive five cards and he can exchange maximum four.

netent slots:

This variant can be played in minimum two and maximum five people. Depending on the number of players, small cards are removed from a standard pack of 52, remaining between 24 and 36 for playing.

According to the number of people playing it, Turk pokeri comes in the following combinations:

  1. 2 players: 9-10-J-Q-K-A, in a total of 24;
  2. 3 players: 8-9-10-J-Q-K-A, in a total of 28;
  3. 4 players: 7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A, amounting 32;
  4. 5 players: 6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K, amounting 36.

The highest card remains the Ace, but it can also be used as a low card in order for a Kent (straight) or Floș (straight flush) to be obtained. Whenever an Ace receives the status of a low card, it will rank immediately below the lowest card in the pack.

From low to high, the rank of the suits is the following:

  1. sinek (Clubs);
  2. karo (Diamonds);

III. maca (Spades);

  1. kupa (Hearts).

How does Turkish poker differ from the international type?

This game of chance has four unique features:

  1. The Renk (flush) is stronger than the Ful (full house).
  2. The Uclu (three of a kind) is stronger than Kent (straight).
  3. When making a Minor Kent ( Minor Straight), Aces are considered consecutive with the lowest card of that deck.
  4. There are cases when suits can be used to break ties between hands which are otherwise equal.

The Turkish Poker hand types, from lowest to highest:

  • Yuksek Kart (High Card);

This is the combination of five cards that do not form any higher stack. An example would be 7, 8, 10, J, A. The rank of the highest card enters a comparison, then the second highest, and so on.

  • Per (Pair);

There are two cards of the same rank and three other different ones.

  • Doper (Two Pair);

This means two cards of one rank, two of another, and one different.

  • Minor Kent (Minor Straight);

From the lowest four ranks, there is a card of each one of those, plus an Ace.

  • Kent (Simple Straight);

This is obtained by five consecutive cards of mixed suits. The best is the Kent with the higher top card.

  • Uclu (Three of a kind);

It is a combo containing three cards that have the same rank and two unequal ones.

  • Ful (Full House);

This is a simple variant of a hand formed by an Uclu and a Per.

  • Kare (Four of a kind);

There are four cards with an equal rank, and any fifth one.

  • Minor Floș (Minor Straight Flush);

The third combo as strength, composed of the lowest four cards of a suit, and an Ace of that same suit.

  • Floș (Straight Flush);

The player obtaining this second-high hand will have five consecutive cards of a suit, without the Ace.

  • Floș Royal (Royal Flush);

The best combination is the Royal one, where the hand contains the biggest 5 cards from a single suit. When at least two players obtain Floș Royal, the higher suit will be the winning hand.

Searching to play baccarat with bonus code in Turkey

  1. Short description of a suitable game for a casino in Turkey

One of the easiest and simplest casino games, baccarat can be played with eight decks of cards and the player will bet before dealing each new hand. Those interested in online gambling Turkey activities will definitely love online baccarat.

This variant is very popular in the ranks of Internet gamblers and can be found in any online casino. This title contains three bets, namely banker hand, player hand, and a tie. The role of the banker is to hold the shoe and also deal the cards to all the players.


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The game ends with players turning over the cards while the croupier calls the cards.

  1. The popularity of this online casino game in Turkey

Besides poker, the other game of chance which is in high-demand in this country is Baccarat. The variant preferred by Turkish bettors is the one played against the house. Any player’s ultimate goal is obtaining more points than the banker.

A great choice for a veteran player: trying his luck at an Istanbul casino for a no deposit bonus

The region of Istanbul is somehow emblematic for anyone feeling bold and lucky to take his chances at a casino in Turkey. This city has two casinos where a variety of betting games are available:

  • Ankara 75.Yil;
  • Istanbul Veliefendi Race Course.

Thus, people searching for an Istanbul casino with a no deposit bonus can play the following games:

  1. slot machines;
  2. Horseracing;
  3. Simulcasting;
  4. Off-track betting.

Gambling in Turkey: final remarks regarding a delicate issue

Both online and normal gambling in Turkey are activities forbidden by the state. So in this situation, any fan of online slot machines or other casino games has to play at state-regulated gambling centers.

The Turkish gambling industry doesn’t have a regulatory framework. There are some top software providers which have made their online slot machines available for the Turkish market. For example, one of those software providers is Topgame.

Turkish gambling fans are also fans of online poker, which they can play anytime in foreign online casinos. This casino game has also been adapted into a Turkish variant, which is fun and entertaining to play, the Turk pokeri.

If we must think of the top betting games any Turkish player will enjoy the most, online slot machines and poker are not the only ones. Another such title very popular in Turkish gambling is also baccarat.

The variant preferred by many gamblers from this Muslim country is the one against the house. All online gambling adepts will find baccarat a great way to spend their free time and make some cash.

Any smart roller that is also patient enough will visit the Istanbul region, in order to play at slot machines. There are two casinos available in this city where slot machines can provide a fun and entertaining experience for many spinners.

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