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Welcome to zzzslots! Here you can have fun and play the best online free slots! We have an enormous selection of free slots! The best new slot games are available to play right away, directly from your browser with no deposit, no registration and no download required!

Free Slots

If you’ve just decided to try online gambling then there are a few things you should know before you start playing new slot games. You can’t just dive in and expect to be good at playing casino games just like that and that you will find the best online slots to win money right away.

Becoming a great gambler takes time and more than that it means that you actually have to know what you’re doing. The best way to become a pro at spinning the reels is to play casino free slots first and once you’ve mastered these you can go on to play for real money.

We tried to make a sort of How To guide that explains exactly what casino free slots are, what components they have, what types of online free slot machines exist and how to beat them. You are surely going to understand that as a new player the best online slots are free slots.

Below you are going to find a list of all the information this article has to offer, check it out and the article that follows and we promise that by the end of it you shall be a much better online slot player!

  1. Play Free Slots Now – Types of Free Slot
  2. Ways to Play New Slot Games For Free
  3. Breaking Down the Best Online Slots to Win Money
  4. Casino Free Slots – Special Bonus Symbols
  5. Free Casino Video Games – Bonus Features

Play Free Slots Now – Types of Free Slot

If you want to play free slots now you should know that there is a long history of slot machines that dates back to the 19th century. This means that over time a lot of different versions of slot machines have appeared and that each and every one of them has something interesting to offer.

We have tried to describe every major type from free classic slots for fun to the latest 3d slot machines so that you know which ones are more your style than the rest and you’ll have an easier time choosing.

 Free Classic Slots

For fun, this is what all the nostalgic veterans that enjoy everything old-school will choose every time. These have three reels and few paylines and usually have the same symbols: bells, sevens, fruits.

You won’t find an abundance of bonus games and features, in the best case scenario you will receive a free spins bonus round. While they may not look like much, they have decent payouts so these are mostly soothed for players when playing for real money.

 Fruit Machines

These were the first free classic slots, but you shall soon see that the fruit theme is used even to this day in contemporary and new slot games with numerous features and bonus games.

While the old-school ones have three paylines and no bonus games, the newer ones can even have progressive jackpots and amazing features and the only thing that always stays the same are the basic symbols.

 Video Slots Casino Games:

At this moment these are the most common since all the new slot games have good graphics and different combinations of lines, reels, bonuses and jackpots. These are the next step up from the free classic slots and if you want to play free slots now this is where you should begin.

3D slot machines

If we’re talking about new slot games these are definitely the newest and the best. The graphics and 3D animations are simply stunning and take online gambling to a whole new level.

Not all the software providers have started making them, but the ones that do have began specializing themselves in 3D slot machines. Graphics aren’t the only amazing thing about them because they also have great story-lines and a whole lot of new and interesting bonus games.

Progressive Slot Machines

While when playing for real money this type of online slot machines is the one that will bring you the life-changing money that we all desire, when playing for free they are still fun, but not as impressive.

The thing to remember if you decide to actually start betting on them is that you always have to make the max bet to be eligible for the progressive jackpot and that your odds are pretty slim, but if you are lucky enough to actually land a progressive jackpot you will be set for life.

 Ways to Play New Slot Games For Free

While in most places you are going to find these ways to play new slot games for free unavailable or only one at a time, here at zzzslots you get them all at once, no strings attached. But let’s discuss them first:

 No Download

this one means that you won’t have to download any kind of software, you can play all the new slot games and old ones without having to put any effort in it whatsoever. You just have to open the casino games in your browser and start playing right away.

No Registration

While online casinos and other websites will try their hardest to make you subscribe and create accounts on their platforms in order to gain access to the content they are offering, some, just like zzzslots, will offer everything completely free. You start playing right away without having to make any accounts, insert any data or anything else.

 No Deposit

Online casinos will try their hardest to convince you to make a deposit at their casino and will even give you different bonuses to make sure you want to. Still, if you’re only looking to play online free slot machines then here you won’t need to make any payments of any type.

Mobile Play

You don’t have to search for a mobile casino free bonus because we offer every type of mobile slot you are able to think off. Not all software providers have created mobile versions of their online slot machines yet, but they’re working on it. Still if the mobile casino game exists than we have it.

This type of new slot games is amazing because you may take them with you wherever you are you can continue playing free slots at all time as long as you have a mobile device, be it Android, iOS, Microsoft or Blackberry powered, and a decent internet connection.

  Breaking Down the Best Online Slots to Win Money

It doesn’t matter if you love superhero or movie themed slots or Egypt and underwater themed casino games, if they are 3D slot machines or simple one-armed bandits, we have everything here, for free.

Online slot machines come in different shapes and sizes and you’ll find three, five, six or seven reel slots with 3, 5, 9, 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 paylines or even ways to win that go up to 1024 or more.

The number of reels and paylines that you can get can highly influence the jackpot sizes, but with so many options it’s hard to figure out which are the best online slots to win money with.

Below you’ll find all the basic elements that make up an online slot machine, both the old and the new slot games.


Three reel online slot machines are the simplest and oldest kind. They usually have few paylines, but people like them mostly because of the simplicity they offer. You will find plenty of them if you’re feeling nostalgic for the good old days of free classic slots for fun.

Five reels online slot machines are the basic ones these days and most of the new slot games have them. This is because you can get numerous paylines and ways to win and have plenty of space to get creative with the theme and story-line. If you’re looking for this kind you will find the largest collection possible!

Six and seven reels online slot machines are a bit more complicated and you won’t find as many. These usually have unusual formats with shorter and longer columns. Anyway they offer a lot of ways to win and spice things up when you get tired of the same formats over and over again.


Paylines are especially important when you decide to find the best online slot to win money with, if you’re just playing for fun they won’t interest you that much, either than for practice on betting.

The number of paylines is different in every slot machine and can go from just one to 100 and to whopping 1024 or even more ways to win. If you have an online slot machine that has 20 paylines that are not fixed you can choose on how many of them to place your bet.

But were you to bet on just 10 of them and land a winning combination on the 11th you won’t receive any money on it. So be careful what strategy you use so that you win as much as you possibly can.

 Pay table:

The payable is a sort of chart that will show you how much money you can win by making combinations with the symbols of the casino game. And how the amount you bet will affect those payouts.


This feature lets you play free slots now without having to make any effort at all. You can set the number of times you want the reels to spin and they will begin spinning automatically until that number is reached, you hit a bonus game or you shut it off.

 Gamble Feature:

This feature has the potential of increasing your wins drastically if you’re really lucky and skip the free slots to play the best online slots to win money. It’s basically a double or nothing bet. In most cases you’re going to have to guess what the color or suit of the next card to be drawn will be. If you guess correctly you will receive twice your win for the color and four times for the suit. If you guess wrong you lose the entire win. You can keep doubling up your winnings, but most online slot machines have a limit to how much you can win here.

 Spin Button:

This couldn’t be more self-explanatory, but this is in fact the most important button of all because without it how would you even play free slots now? It doubles as a stop button as well, if you feel like you like a little more control on when the reels stop spinning.

Casino Free Slots – Special Bonus Symbols

If there’s something you should really keep you eye on, when you decide to play free slots now or even the best online slots to win money, it’s the special symbols. These will make the game-play a lot more interesting while at the same time helping you win big. The most common ones are:

Wild Symbol:

The wild icon is quite common in the new slot games so you’ll get used to it quite fast, but if you choose an old school fruit machine you’ll really miss it. This symbol is sometimes the highest paying one of the online slot machine, but in most cases it has the sole purpose of substituting other symbols in order to create winning combinations.

 Stacked, Sticky or Expanding Wilds:

You will find that there are different types of wilds, apart from the classic one. One of them is the stacked wild. This one will fill several position and payout more or complete more combinations, while the sticky wild will remain in place for several spins at a time. There’s also expanding wilds that can enlarge to fill the entire reel they are on.

Scatter symbol:

This is one of the most important symbols you could ever find and it will bring the best wins. Landing three or more of this icon will generally trigger a free spins bonus round, a pick me game, a cash prize or other different bonuses.


A multiplier does exactly what it name says, it multiplies. It might multiply a certain combination or a number of consecutive combinations. It could multiply them 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x or even an enormous amount of times if you’re truly lucky.

 Free Casino Video Games – Bonus Features

If you’re a new player then you will probably start playing new slot games and this type of online slot machines has a lot of bonus features to offer. We thought that before you start to play slots now you should know a little bit about the most used kinds of bonus features.

Each software provider has full freedom to choose if they use bonus features or not and which ones they want to use or if they want to invent a new type.

All the bonus rounds you will find something in common, the fact that here you will earn a lot more money then you will do in the base game and you will do it with extra fun and much easier. You can’t really lose once you trigger them you can only win less or more than a certain sum. Some of them can even be re-triggered during game-play several times. These are the basic bonus features for the new slot games:

 Free Spins:

Not only new slot games, but even a lot of the older ones have this feature. Right next to the use of wilds, this one is the most common and actually a bonus game that has the potential to rake in some really big wins.

You have to remember to bet big to win big with free spins because they will be played at the denomination of the spin in which they were triggered.

They are usually triggered with three or more scatters and can be played on the same game screen or in a different one. Many of them also have a multiplier attached. There are a lot do different types of free spins bonus rounds.


This is a type of bonus games that usually takes place in the base game. If you just haven’t gotten the best out of a spin some new slot games will offer you a do-over you can land the last symbol in the winning combination or another chance to activate a second bonus game.

 Pick Me:

This is another classic bonus in which you will have to pick objects to win prizes. Depending on the software provider that made these best online slots to win money with you might be able to pick just three or as many as you possibly can until you hit a collect symbol.

 Progressive Jackpot:

In many cases progressive jackpots are triggered by landing certain symbols or could be awarded randomly, but some of them will make you do something to see which of several progressive jackpots you receive. While you could win a smaller progressive or a huge won, it’s still a lot of money so this is the bonus game that everyone is waiting for. Still, the progressive jackpots are available just if you play the best online slots to win money with and you have no chance of even seeing how it works if you play free slots now.

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