Chibeasties 2

Chibeasties 2 is one of the best video slots and it's guaranteed to make you feel like you really entered a magic world!

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You must love this game!

So do we! Let’s not forget about it.

You must love this game!

So do we! Let’s not forget about it.
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Keeping the tradition alive, Yggdrasil Gaming came up with another original and clever online slot, having remarkable graphics, sounds, and story: Chibeasties 2.
As you can see right from the title, this is the sequel for Chibeasties 1, an online slot that managed to score exceptional reactions from online players all over the world.

Developers at Yggdrasil Game rose up to the public’s expectations and beyond that. Following their motto saying “Superior gaming”, the creators of this game brought Chibeasties 2. And they really have done it: this online slot has amazing characters, fantasy backgrounds, excellent symbol animations, captivating plots and user-friendly interface, that gives the impression of a permanent communication between the player and the game itself.

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Chibeasties 2 online video slot begins with a cute story, that involves some fantastic creatures and a magic plant that can transform into various things when combined with special stones. From this video trailer, we understand that Chibeasties 2 online slot offers numerous combos and possibilities and we’re off to a new imaginary world, that reveals great stories and adventures.

How to play Chibeasties 2 free online slot:

Entering the video slot, you find the playtable, and the wild combos. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines, but it’s no ordinary online slot. When clicking on any symbol, an info box will open, containing all the information you need about the logo. The Mutation feature is explained to you, and you find out that it creates combo wilds.

Additionally, there are 4 unique dimensions (or realms) that offer different wild features. You can change dimension at any time in the base game. Of course, every realm has its own wild features. These are the wild features in Chibeasties 2 online video slot:

  • Expanding: In this dimension, the mentioned symbol expands and absorbs the whole reel. It gives players wild reels.
  • Spreading: The appearing wilds can build 1 to 4 additional wilds, placed randomly on the reels in the online video slot.
  • Teleporting: wild logos switch positions with other symbols, in order to give you the best winning combo possible.
  • Mirroring: Wild symbols are mirrored against a typical X and Y axis. It creates 2 more wild symbols as it cuts trough reel number 3.

Bonuses and Features in Chibeasties 2 free slot:

The Wild Mutation Feature of Chibeasties 2 online slot can be triggered by any spin that presents wild cards. The said cards will perform their traits in their own realm and afterward, they can simply go to other dimension and offer you the features from that one! For example, if you get a spreading dimension wild and transforms into a mirroring one in order to give you the best winning combination.

The Free Spin mutation for Chibeasties 2 online slot will activate when you get 3 or more free scatters. As a gift, you will receive 7, 15 or 30 free spins. Keep in mind that the realm where you were when the feature was triggered plays its part. This means that you will get a wild mutation every time you see a wild on the board!

To sum it up, this means that wilds will give you realm features every single time. You can reactivate this feature by finding 3 or more scatters.

As you can see, it’s all about the wild cards and the free spins feature. We particularly enjoyed the Spreading realm, due to its 4 extra wilds bonus. Try to combine it with the Teleporting dimension. We strongly believe that that was the best combo! The Spreading dimension was another surprising realm.

Each land looks different, the animation is absolutely great and during the game, you feel like you entered a magic world. You’re in control all the time. Info boxes, message boxes, chi beasties looking directly at you, shining totems and fairy dust. There’s even an option that tells you about how much you have lost in the online slot.

You’re surrounded by music and various sounds that fit the slot perfectly.

Super Friendly Little Creatures

After playing this amazing online slot, we can say that Chi are not beasts, but friendly animals, intelligent and skilled. You learn so many things about their civilization: they have warriors, priests, beautiful females, funky dudes, cool accessories. Their big eyes resemble aliens, but they’re acting human-like.

As for the settings, things couldn’t be clearer: Lines, coin value, sound and general settings are all a click away.

Per general, we think this is definitely one of the best online slots we have ever played. It’s quite simple and it’s suitable for all type of players: the ones that play slots for fun or for money. These slots are very detailed and the characters’ design makes you believe you’re rather playing a typical action-adventure game than a video slot.

We were impressed by this slot and you will be too! This said, we give Chibeasties 2 video slot an A++ and we strongly recommend it to you!

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