Forest Mania

Read the following review to find out more about Forest Mania free slot. It features a unique gameplay with two different sets of reels, no paylines, and random Wild icons. Learn more about it and give it a spin or more!

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You must love this game!

So do we! Let’s not forget about it.

You must love this game!

So do we! Let’s not forget about it.
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The Scene of today’s Free Slot 

We all know that iSoftBet is renowned for unique and extraordinary slots but this online casino game is pure madness! Forest Mania free online slot machine is nothing like you have ever seen before. You can forget about those standard five reels because this free slot breaks all the rules.

There are two sets of reels, different in both size and the number of pay lines. It may seem a little hard for new players, but after a while, it becomes very easy and entertaining. For veterans, this will be just a new challenge and something unseen to spin like never before.

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Random features to be triggered and great graphics are a recipe for success and this casino game has them all. So if you are in the mood for something new, come with me and read the review to find out more. Alternatively, you could try the new and amazing Blood Suckers online slot.

Graphics and Sounds of Forest Mania Online Slot 

Graphics are simply extraordinary in Forest Mania free online slot machine. The background is a magical forest, teeming with life and cute little critters. Friendly animated monsters are ready to help you spin and guide you to the wins. Producers paid close attention to each detail and Forest Mania online casino game is one of the best looking slots out there.

The theme is completed by a gorgeous joyful soundtrack, while each action is accompanied by the classic jingles and bells. Crickets singing and the beautiful hidden world will open itself to you if you dare some spins. Rarely do I come across such a masterpiece. Another amazing game with great graphics and unique features is Castle Builder.

Gameplay and Features of Forest Mania Free Online Slot Machine

This free slot machine has a very uncommon layout with two grids instead of one. Both look different but the features apply to both of them

As there is no exact number of pay lines, the only thing you may modify is the coin value which varies from a minimum of 0.01 and a maximum of 2 Coins. A free slot Demo balance of 1,000.00 coins is available for some trial spins. However, if you wish to fully enjoy this great game, consider wagering real cash.

The pay table is formed of cute but bizarre little creatures and some kind of colorful balls resembling different materials. Prizes awarded vary from 5 to 250 Coins. To win any kind of prize, you must match at least two identical icons in a winning combination.

The first great feature is a random wild that usually appears inside the first set. The amazing part is that, when this Wild appears, all identical icons across both sets turn into Wild icons.

The second amazing feature is the Wild Reel. This too is randomly triggered event, which means you can’t actually control it. It all takes patience. When this online slot feature comes into action, up to three reels become wild.

Free Spins are also here earning for you up to ten Free Rounds to increase your chances of winning. During the Free Spins, all Wild symbols features are more frequent.

There is an Auto Play features which come in handy when you are tired, bored or simply have something else to do. Just click it and the reels will spin by themselves. This casino game feature is customizable and you may select at what win amount or loss amount it should stop. There is a maximum of 1000 Auto Spins.

Conclusions on Forest Mania Free Slot Machine

This online casino game is unique both in terms of look and gameplay. However, that may not be necessarily good. All slots function after a mathematical algorithm that controls the features under a random number generator. In this particular free online slot machine, players will sometimes feel like the universe works against them and the feeling of unpredictability becomes unpleasant at some point.

It’s a game that will intrigue both new players and veterans, but it is a little bit hard to master.

There are many pros and cons, so it all comes down to a matter of taste. If you are looking for extraordinary looking slots with amazing features, I definitely advise you to try Forsaken Kingdom online casino game.

The good side:

  • Astonishing graphics and good 3D animations
  • Unique in all aspects

The bad side:

  • Hard to master
  • High rate of unpredictability

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