Lost Riches of Amazon

Discover a lovely online slot machine having 2048 ways to win it and 4 different bonus game! This free to play slot will be offering you lots of winnings and a great experience!

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You must love this game!

So do we! Let’s not forget about it.

You must love this game!

So do we! Let’s not forget about it.
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Prepare yourself for an expedition right in the heart of the wild Amazonian jungle! Foxium has launched an invitation you cannot refuse: travel to this exotic South American land and find all the riches of the Amazon!

Foxium’s free online slot will provide you a unique experience for sure! Get to feel like a real explorer wondering trough the wild jungle! This casino game will create for you a realistic atmosphere and has prepared you a journey full of surprises.

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Not only the theme of this online slot machine is exciting, but the same casino game puts at your disposal at the same time other goodies that will make you simply fall in love with this game. This Indiana Jones-like video slot will bring in front of you amazing graphics and many special slot machine features, which include wilds, scatters and bonus rounds.

To add a cherry on top, the slot machine developer has equipped this free to play online casino game with 2048 ways to win!

Lost Riches of Amazon – casino game graphics and sounds

The free online slot looks simply amazing! The graphics might seem similar to the ones of a cartoon, but they are very way defined and with this design, they make a perfect match!

Lost Riches of Amazon is lively, dominated by bright colors, and, overall, a very well designed casino game. Having such an amazing picture in front of you, the tropical forest might not seem so dangerous anymore!

As background picture, you’ll see a beautiful landscape with mountains, pyramids, and plants. You’ll see also two Inca stone decorations placed on both sides of the five slot machine reels, which will come in useful since they bring along two slot machine special features.

The sounds, on the other hand, are chill yet remind us somehow of a tribal song. The music combined with the visual part have resulted into a great free online slot to play!

Online slot machine features and basic rules

Not only the aspect of this online casino game is something that you’ll find appealing! Unlike the typical video slot you’ll find online, which usually is structured with around 20 paylines and offers you only a free spins bonus, Lost riches of Amazon will enchant you as well with lots of unique traits you won’t see at too many casino machines!

First of all, this slot is offering you 2048 ways to win it. Then, you’ll get to use as well in your benefit the most common online slot machine trait: the wild card.

The wild card will substitute for any one of the other online casino game icons but count out the other two special symbols, the golden monkey, and the lucky coin. Wild will appear on every reel, both during the main game and the free spins mode.

Now that the two special icons came up in our discussion, you might be wondering what tricks they do. The golden monkey is a collectible symbol; this basically means that each time it will appear on the reels you will get one monkey point. When you have collected already ten monkeys, you will be awarded a bonus game! Then, the more monkeys you obtain, after you’ll add some more sets of 10 points each, you’ll be able to unlock more bonuses.

This means you could trigger one of these bonus rounds using just one slot machine symbol:

  • 10 monkey heads unlock a match game
  • 20 will trigger the wheel of fortune
  • 30 will award you with 8 free spins with progressive wilds
  • 40 monkey icons will come along with only 65 free spins but with expandable wilds.

Let’s see what each one of this bonus rounds will be offering you!

Lost Riches of Amazon bonus games

When you activate this game, there will be displayed a board of 5×4 tiles with hidden symbols. You’ll have to find the match for each icon until you reach two “End of game” symbols.

Each pair you’ll reveal will get you a nice prize.

Wheel of Fortune

You will now have to spin a wheel that has two levels: one with multipliers, and one with credits. Depending on which amount and multiplier the wheel will stop at, you’ll get yet another prize.

Free spins

  • 8 spins: In addition to the progressive wilds, you’ll see also during this round some lucky coin symbols. If a symbol of this type lands on the reels during the free spins, you’ll get one extra spin.
  • 5 spins: During this round, the over-sized wild will replace any free online slot machine icons, but the monkey symbol will not be shown.

The lucky coin symbol

In addition to the monkey bonuses, and to the extra free spins you could get, there’s one more online casino game feature brought by the same coin symbol: in the main game only, when this special card will be displayed, you’ll get a re-spin round!

The reels will keep spinning for free until a winning combination is awarded!

Final Words

This free to play online casino game was developed in such a manner that it could be a real delight to any kind of gambler, from all points of view. It’s got all the functions you’ll need to make your gameplay easier, as the Autospin, for example, high prizes ready to be offered both during the main game and free spins mode, and lots of unique features!

In plus, the fact that it has got 2 different free spins bonuses and 2 different bonus game AND a re-spin feature will provide you an interactive gameplay during which you won’t get bored no matter how long you play it. You have got all the reasons in the world to try it!

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