Thunderbird Spirit

Thunderbird Spirit video slot is a choice that will probably disappoint you if you are not a fan of classic games with basic design. Anyhow, give it a try because it's free.

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You must love this game!

So do we! Let’s not forget about it.

You must love this game!

So do we! Let’s not forget about it.
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Genesis Gaming software provider is one of those developers that like to keep things on the safe side when designing their games. If it would have been one of the industry’s giants, this kind of approach would not be wrong or unwanted, but they are still evolving so they need to make hits, games that will blow your mind.

Thunderbird Spirit video slot is the first attempt to get out of the shadows and the mystery look to it has the potential to bring it to the front. What you’ll see right from the start is the Native American vibe that this free online slot machine presents and that you can’t easily guess from the title of this game.

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Graphics & Design of Thunderbird Spirit video slot

The theme of this free online slot machine is not very clear, and we think that the team of developers should have chosen another way of putting it to play. There is the slightly look of Indian reservation scenery in the background of the reels, but on its own, it doesn’t say much.

Then, the entire video slot is so pure when it comes to details. It leaves you with the feeling that there is something missing, something they forget to add to the screen. The mystery is definitely in the air but not in a good way.

When we talk about the symbols, the situation is somewhat a little more clear and even if their design could use an extra touch, they are certainly representative for a Native American styled theme. You will see animals like fish, turtles, oxen and even a dream catcher.

Video slot gameplay 

We established the fact that the design is rusty and the theme is foggy, but what about the gameplay?
This is one aspect we actually enjoyed and we will tell you all about it. You have 100 paylines to explore, which is great news compared to other slots available. All those winning lines are spread over five reels and the action is very fast, so you won’t get bored looking at the spins.

Then, Thunderbird Spirit video slot could be suitable for all players, regardless of the budget, because the wager level starts from 1 credit point and moves to 1000 maximum amount you can bet. This enables you to move back and forward with your stakes, and it can be particularly rewarding for those gamblers that like adrenaline.

Conclusions of Thunderbird Spirit video slot 

Genesis Gaming is a software provider that had received many complaints over the years, and they did develop some games that are quite nice and appealing. The biggest problem is with the bonus rounds that are so low compared to products from other providers like Microgaming for example.

In this free online slot machine, you can enjoy the free spins and the wild symbols payout. For a classic game, that would be enough but the competition is quite high so even if we can’t complain about that 10 FS offer, we still feel a little short.

We disliked playing Thunderbird Spirit video slot mostly because the way it is designed and the fact that becomes frustrating in the long run. If you want to change a setting, you have to change the screen as well because the command bar is not visible. There is a major need for Genesis Gaming software provider to find a way of making it more accessible and user-friendly.

We can’t help but compare this title to other titles that we played from this provider, and is not an easy job. We like Time Voyagers a lot better, and we really can’t understand how this Native American video slot really developed. We think that this is a slot machine that you should play in the free, demo mode and don’t go for the real money option if you don’t like it from the first time.

From all the games out there, Thunderbird Spirit video slot may not be the one that we would play for the second time. It is rather boring and doesn’t have big wins to compensate for that. We will choose other titles for our entertainment and we recommend you do the same.

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